Feasr fund

European agricultural fund for rural development

Reg. (UE) n. 1305/2013, PSR 2014/2020 “Pacchetto Giovani” (Deliberazione di G.R. n. 925/2019)
Type of Operation 6.1.01 "Business start-up aid for young farmers" in favor of the young beneficiary BIANCHI GIACOMO (fiscal Code BNCGCM96P07H294O), for an amount equal to € 30,000.00
Type of Operation 4.1.02 "Investments in agricultural holdings for young farmers who are beneficiaries of the first installation premium". – the capital grant granted pursuant to the type of operation 4.1.02, for an amount equal to € 48,500.00, in favor of the beneficiary farm PODERE DELL'ANGELO SOCIETA' AGRICOLA S.S. (CUAA 03767360401).

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