Fulgor Rosso

Colli Di Rimini Sangiovese Superiore DOP Biologico


Fulgor is a seafood Sangiovese: fresh, elegant and fruity with fine tannins and a cheerful youthfulness that give it great drinkability. Envisioning a wine for the land has identity value. Spicy and easy to pair, its peppy acidity allows it to find agreement with even the most typical seafood cuisine. The label is a Fellini-esque postcard of Rimini.

Sangiovese 90%Alcohol content
13% volPairing and serving
Ductile and perfect for summer meals. It marries from hors d'oeuvres of cured meats to fish-based first courses and is ideal with the real piadina romagnola.
Ideal serving temperature 15°C
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